What Girls Talk About

28 February 2019

What Girls Talk About

Like most teenagers, girls at Vinnies talk about lots of different topics.

On any particular day it might be music or movies or TV or clothes or boys or school or friends, or even teachers. But another vital topic that may not be raised so often, is “dads.” 

Girls and their dads have always been important, of course, but in an era when young women are living through socially fragile times, what could be more important than a positive relationship with your dad? 

As our Principal, Anne Fry, says, “the expectation and pressure of perfection, the relentless false company of social media and the addiction to 24-hour connectivity – they all make life harder to be a teenage girl.” At St Vincent’s we work tirelessly to equip our girls to be agents of change and to take up activism and advocacy. But that’s only part of the story.

This article by famed author and journalist, Madonna King, gives us all something to think about on the precious topic of “girls and their dads.”



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