We are so Proud of the Class of 2022!

20 February 2023

We are so Proud of the Class of 2022!

2022 Higher Achievers

This week we celebrated with the graduating Class of 2022 and the Accelerants of the Class of 2023 their outstanding growth and achievements in the HSC.  At the Academic Assembly on Wednesday, our College Dux, Grace Robinson Award Prizewinner, and Mary Aikenhead Education Award Prizewinner (for the highest ATAR achieved in any one of their Colleges across Australia), Elyssa Chaaya, delivered an address.  She spoke with passion and wisdom beyond her years, and the paragraph that captured my attention was referenced to her Mother.  I am sure as parents and carers you will connect with this sentiment:

"So, my first piece of advice to you is this:  During this journey, whatever your goals are, no matter their magnitude - have no regrets.  Because there were times when I felt deflated and hopeless, and one time I asked my Mum, who consistently helped me throughout the year, "Why do you care so much about what ATAR I get?" And she said to me, "Elyssa, you need to understand - on the morning that ATARS come out I will not be looking at your ATAR, I will be  looking at your face and all I want is to see you be proud of the work, time and dedication you put in"."

Bonnie Joseph, another of our highly accomplished students (First in State Ancient History; Third in State Advanced English) also spoke to the assembly and I will provide access to her wise words in a future newsletter.

This weekend the parents of the College have their first opportunity of the year to come together to celebrate the commencement of the year and to fulfil our commitment by contributing to the common good.  The common good will be served through the inclusivity and hospitality new parents experience tomorrow evening and the strengthening of friendships among existing parents.  I look forward to seeing you there for a balmy night under the stars. 

Yours sincerely


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