Staffroom: The Musical

06 June 2019

Staffroom: The Musical

Save the Date for 'Staffroom: The Musical'!

When: 12-14 June 2019 at 7pm
Where: St Vincent's College Hall
Price: $15 Students | $20 Adults

The Year 11 Drama Play ‘Staffroom: The Musical’ is a journey through your average high school staffroom - the cliques, the friends and enemies, the arguments over coffee mugs. The teachers in the English, Maths, Drama, Art, PDHPE and Religion departments are far from close friends- but when they find themselves stuck in the staffroom together, they must band together to triumph over their shared enemy.

There will be singing, dancing, ghost stories, Dolly Parton music, tea, romance, maths puns and a lot of laughs. Get ready for a performance you’ll never forget!

Get yours now!  Tickets on sale here.


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