Olympics Unleashed: Alexandra Croak

25 September 2019

Olympics Unleashed: Alexandra Croak




Our heart-felt thanks to dual Olympian Alexandra Croak, who came to inspire our Year 9 students this week.  Originally a gymnast, Alexandra competed in the individual all-round and team competitions at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, then competed in the 10m platform diving at the 2008 Beijing Olympics reaching the semi-finals.  At the 2002 Commonwealth Games, she won a gold medal in the team event and silver on the beam and became the first Australian woman to compete at consecutive Commonwealth Games in different sports when she competed in diving in 2006, where she won a silver medal.  In 2010 she won gold in the 10m synchronised platform diving with Melissa Wu, making Croak the first Australian woman to win gold in two separate Commonwealth Games sports.  Alexandra spoke of dedication and sheer hard work paying off.  Aged only 10, her decision to move from Coffs Harbour to Canberra’s Institute of Sport without uprooting her family, shows her strength and drive.  She has powered through many injuries and setbacks, to ultimately, triumph.  She spoke of many top techniques used to overcome nerves such as ‘Loops’.  In sport psychology, to focus, a mantra of three key words are looped and repeated to inspire success. 

Ms Anderson and the 9 CP Team

Connie: ‘Alexandra Croak's presentation and talk was truly an amazing experience. Her determination to push herself to her limits and become a dual Olympian, inspired me…’ 

Kasey: ‘Alexandra inspired us with the message to follow our dreams as she too achieved her wildest dreams. We are grateful to hear of her stunning accomplishments.’ 

Bella: ‘An informative and well organised presentation’. 

Scarlett: ‘Motivational and inspirational videos.’ 

Zoe: ‘Interactive with the audience and lots of question time’. 

Marley & Indi: ‘Gold medals are really heavy. Real quality and very cool’.

Ursula & Brigitte: ‘Hope filled, inspires us to be determined and do more’.


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