Last Chance: Father Daughter Sleep-out

26 July 2019

Last Chance: Father Daughter Sleep-out

Calling all current Dads and Daughters! 

Been dreaming of more time with your daughter/s? Looking for a good night’s sleep (ok, maybe not so much!) Or just a chance to spend more time with your SVC teen?

The Father Daughter Sleep Out is only a week away, make sure you book now here.

SVC Fathering Project is running a Father Daughter Sleep-out night, (this includes any Male carer or significant Male role model), at the College on Saturday 3 August. This is a great opportunity to spend a night with your daughter/s granddaughter/s, goddaughter/s, nieces or significant teen, at the College, sleeping a little rough to better appreciate what we have and consider the plight of those less fortunate.
So come along and get involved - it will be a night to remember!

Cost: $50 per family, which covers meals and a donation to Charity
What to Bring: Part of the intent of the evening is to consider the challenges faced by the homelessness in Australia and appreciate what we have.  As such, the aim is to be minimalist and at the same time spend a memorable night with your daughter/s.  It will be cold so....

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