IWD: A Show of Solidarity by St Vincent's Women

13 March 2019

IWD: A Show of Solidarity by St Vincent's Women

Students recently showed their solidarity for all women when they formed a perfectly balanced scale on the Caritas Christi courtyard for International Women’s Day.  The photo of the scale was featured in the Wentworth Courier’s 13 March issue.

The girls chose the design themselves and is in keeping with this year’s IWD theme #balanceforbetter.  They were standing together to represent the power of women combined. It was one of the more creative activities centred around the week-long celebrations of female power. 

A symposium featuring three inspirational alumnae – Cathy Kovacs (Westpac), Joanna Nash (Acadian Asset Management) and Lorenn Ruster (PricewaterhouseCoopers) – highlighted the issues faced by women in the workforce today and celebrated the progress being made. 

With events like IWD encouraging a continuous dialogue, we continue to inspire our girls, who themselves will be experiencing the challenges of the wider world soon, to be instruments of change in the fight to achieve true equality.

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