Class of 2017 Lunch with Year 12 (Class of 2022)

09 September 2022

Class of 2017 Lunch with Year 12 (Class of 2022)

We were privileged this week to listen to the inspiring wisdom shared by our Class of 2017 Alumni who returned to share their stories over the past five years with our graduating Class of 2022.  This has indeed been a highlight of my week.  We had fifteen Alumni from an absolute diverse range of tertiary study, fields of work and places of living who, in true Vinnies spirit, gave generously of their time to engage in conversation that offered perspective and hope for our soon to be Alumni.  Their experiences illustrated that life continues to be one of navigating choices, discerning directions, trusting in one’s strengths and have a real Vinnies preparedness to give new things a go.  Their fields of work included the creative arts, communications, environment science, law, aeronautical engineering, nursing, counselling, economics, business analytics, marketing and public relations.  The word that resonated most was ‘community’ - the experience of feeling known and supported at school had given so many the confidence to keep on connecting with new communities beyond school.  They also spoke of the way in which the values of hope and justice had translated into the emerging career choices.  I thank these Alumni sincerely and say so with a heart full of pride that they continue to feel that connection to the College that they felt compelled to come back and give back. Our Year 12 cohort were immensely grateful.  We now know they too will be returning in five years from now to inspire the Class of 2027!  


Elizabeth Brooks

Deputy Principal

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