Library Book Week Celebrations 2023

01 September 2023

Library Book Week Celebrations 2023

We have started our Book Week with a Tutor Book Quiz on Tuesday. Congratulations go to Nick Garben and his Tutor group 22 who won the Tutor Book Quiz. We applaud your extensive knowledge of classic and contemporary literature.

Book Week celebrations continued when many students joined in a Scavenger Hunt, racing around our school during lunch-time to collect sixteen clues. The winning team was that of Gemma Vinciguerra and Amelia Haynes who were able to solve every clue and do so before any other group. You nailed it!

On Wednesday 21st August, 40 girls participated in the Write a Book in a Day challenge. In under eight hours, they wrote, illustrated, edited and published four incredible books. The competition is a fun way to help children with cancer, as the raised $1476 go to the Kids Cancer Project. The books they wrote will go to children in Ronald McDonald House, transporting them to another time, place or even dimension through the power of their imaginative words and pictures! Well done!

Year 7

Lily Bird, Mila Richardson, Bella Leedham, Amber Killinger, Amelia McVay, Charlotte Chisolm, Frances McGee, Paige Kilcran, Annabelle Graham, Mila Brereton

Year 8

Stella H, Claudia Savage, Olive Hope, Skye Richmond, Elees Hilder, Julia Ko, Grace Madden, Nikita Mocsari, Emerald Hudson, Izzara Clarke 

Year 9

Sophie Mocsari, Willow Griffin, Zara McCormack, Taylor Hyde, Satine Gallardo-Walker, Florence Gordon, Dara Murphy, Zoe Tolhurst, Nina Korbel

Year 10

Charlotte Ballinger, Charlotte Buckley, Christina Dudding, Lily O’Loghlin, Alexa Rubenstein, Lily See, Tara Sukumaran, Clare Tolhurst, Lucy Walsh, Chelsea Cannes

We commend all tutor groups and their teachers for their enthusiasm and teamwork which made the Book-A-Licious competition a great success and last Friday such fun.  The winners of the inaugural “Golden Book” trophy were Cahill Tutor Group 9 (Ms Williams) who dressed as bees from  “The Secret Life of Bees” and DeLacy Tutor Group 28 (Ms Santi) dressed as “The Invincibles”. A staff costume prize was awarded to Mrs Burke for her imaginative Beanstalk costume. 

Yours in reading,
The Library Team 


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