Boarder Lines

05 February 2021

Boarder Lines


On the first Boarding In Weekend, we undertook our College value of Generosity of Spirit.  The whole Boarding House got together to cook an assortment of lasagnes for St Canice, our local parish.  This was a good learning experience, Ms Tardo came in to immerse us in her Italian background and taught us her own recipes and how to make homemade lasagne to take back to our family to pass on the recipe at home. 
- Dakota Macourt

On the Friday afternoon, there were two movies shown at the top of the Tarmons building, Nanny McPhee for the juniors (and the seniors who wanted to watch it) and Pay It Forward for the seniors, with a choice of chips and popcorn for snacks.  Pay It Forward features a young boy in middle school who is assigned by his teacher to go out and change the world.  He comes up with the idea of “pay it forward” where he significantly helps three people and only asks for them to do the same.  The ‘pay it forward’ movement spreads through the globe, with people helping each other for no other reason than to be kind.  This movie was chosen to encourage this year’s College theme ‘Generosity of Spirit’, as it urges us to help those in need because we are able to.  It was a heartwarming film about giving up your time and your energy for those less fortunate, whether it be financially, mentally, or even romantically. 
- Sarah Puntoriero

Last Sunday we went to Jamberoo Action Park.  The weather wasn’t the best and when we were on the bus it was pouring.  Lucky for us by the time we got there, the rain had calmed down a bit and it wasn’t as bad as it was while going there. Everyone went into groups and went around the park to all the different water park activities, like the 'Funnel Web' and 'Perfect Storm'; the biggest rides at the park.  Thank you to MOD for taking us there and thanks to Hannah, Susan and Prue for looking after us.
- Molly Murray

An 'In Weekend' provides an opportunity for the whole Boarding House to spend quality time together and welcome our new Boarders into our community. We have 15 new Boarders this year (in Year 7, Year 10 and Year 11) and it is important to show them our support and encouragement at the tough time of leaving home to start Boarding.  I am always heartened listening to the words of encouragement given by a current Boarder to those who are feeling down, unsure of their surroundings and feeling a little lost.  Each Boarder has lived it, and through their generosity they share their experiences so that others can feel a little lighter knowing that there are many others around them to help out and support them.

I would like to welcome not only the new Boarders to our community, but also new staff.  Mrs Fry and I are very fortunate to have appointed Mrs Hannah Whittemore as Deputy Head of Boarding.  Hannah will work from Friday afternoons until Monday evening on the Year 10/11/12 floor, but with an overarching intent to lead the Boarding House on weekends.  For any issues during this time, please do not hesitate to contact Hannah.  We also welcome Ms Genevieve Neich, who will work alongside Hannah with the Year 10/11/12's during the week.  Genevieve has recently graduated from university so she is keen and excited to spend quality time assisting the seniors with their study.  Ms Grace Hayes has recently been appointed to the Year 7/8/9 floor for this year.  Grace worked in Term 4 for us, and we warmly welcome her back, providing her humour and fun for our junior Boarders'.

Some dates to note in your diaries for the year:

In Weekends:

Term 1 Week 7 - 12-14 March

Term 2 Week 7 - 04-06 June

Term 3 Week 1 - 16-18 July

Term 3 Week 9 - 10-12 September

Term 4 Week 3 - 22-24 October

Term 4 Week 9 - 03-05 December.

To give you early notice, the Boarding House will remain open during the June long weekend (11-14 June) as Term 2 concludes on 18 June.

Thank you to those parents who were able to attend the parent function on 26 January.  Fingers crossed that we do get to celebrate with more of you throughout the year and hopefully in the regional areas for the Expos.

Yours in Boarding

Ms Maryanne O'Donoghue
Director of Boarding

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