Boarder Lines

08 November 2021

Boarder Lines

With only two Year 12 Boarders for most of the first week, it has been a shock to our system when all Boarders returned - but what a lovely shock.  It has been great to see the Boarders getting their full allocated sleep at night, not sure if it’s a good habit they got into at home or if they’re just really tired this week!

We celebrated the 18th birthdays that occurred during lockdown in style, thanks to Chef Selina with her party food!  Selina continued on the 'fancy food drive' with Halloween, and a menu consisting of lantern pies, mummy garlic bread, spider caesar salad and dentures for dessert (see some photos below).

With only a short term in Boarding of five weekends, we endeavoured to start it off with the annual Boarders’ Got Talent this weekend.  Nothing like a bit of healthy competition judged by the Class of 2021.

A reminder please to parents/carers, to submit any leave through Orah (previously called Boardingware) using your logins from Term 2.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your daughter's relevant Boarding co-ordinator for any assistance.  In talking about staff, there have been some changes for Term 4.  Genevieve resigned at the beginning of Term 3 lockdown and Linda is on medical leave this term.  I am very grateful to a range of casual staff who are working for the rest of term with Years 10/11/12 - Callie, Isabelle, Jessica, Matilda and Morgan.  To Grace and Anne for their continued work with Years 7/8/9, and Susan, who has moved to Years 10/11/12 as Deputy Head of Boarding on weekends.

End of term travel has already started to be organised, so if you can please liaise with your daughter for transport needs for Wednesday 8 December (Boarders’ Travel Day) - that would be ideal.  The last day of Term 4 is Tuesday 7 December. 


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