Boarder Lines

08 April 2022

Boarder Lines

On the weekend the juniors made Easter hats. There were three cardboard Easter bonnet templates and large sheets of cardboard with lots of different decorations for the Boarders to use. They could trace the template if they wanted to and one asked if they had to use the template and I replied no - they should use their imagination and create their own Easter hat/bonnet. They were all incredibly creative and hidden talents came to the fore.

Some were getting annoyed as the glue wouldn’t hold (mainly because too much glue was used!) but eventually, it worked or alternate means were used. They worked for a long time, resulting in amazing creations.

The Easter hats were paraded on Monday with the following prizes given:

  • Honourable Mentions - Zara and Annalise (modelled by Brooklyn)
  • Third place - Amity
  • Second place - Elektra
  • First place - Eliza

This term we farewelled Grace Hayes, who has been working in the Boarding House since 2020. Grace is an ex-Boarder and we have enjoyed her vitality and humour whilst working with Years 7/8/9 as their Boarding coordinator over this time. She has provided the Boarders with great advice, calm transitions to Boarding and supported them when they needed guidance, whether it be for illness, friendships, family or homesickness. Grace will be sorely missed by parents, Boarders and staff, but we’re pretty confident that we will see her again sometime soon!

All the staff wish the Boarders and Boarder families a safe and Happy Easter with great laughs, camaraderie and lots of hugs from both the humans and the animals in your families!

A reminder to all parents/carers, to please fill in 'End of Term Leave' on Orah.  Boarders’ Travel Day is Friday 8 April and we will close the Boarding House by 6.00pm that evening. 


Yours in Boarding,



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