Boarder Lines: 4 September 2020

04 September 2020

Boarder Lines: 4 September 2020

During this period our activities on a weekend have needed some creativity to ensure that we are COVID-safe in everything we do.  Liza, our Years 10/11/12 Boarding coordinator, is the primary organiser of each weekend activity and she has recruited all members of the BRC to assist her coordinate an activity each week.  Last weekend, Naylise (Year 7) and Amelia (Year 9) ran a Just Dance competition which even included Liza’s dog, Beau, albeit he didn’t participate in the dancing - just a good audience member.  Naylise and Amelia put together goodie bags for each participant which is always greatly appreciated and enjoyed!!

As Year 12 finished their Trials, Year 11 began their end of course assessment activities examinations and to get them through this time, they have enjoyed the sunshine and a pizza lunch (courtesy of Year 11 parents to celebrate two birthdays of their daughters during the week).  Alfie has enjoyed their company! I am also thankful to our ex-Boarders' who have helped with supervision of all senior exams - to Grace, Isabella, Jessica and Matilda - thank you.  We have had to restrict the amount of people that are present in the Boarding House, and these capable young women have been able to step up on so many occasions to support the Boarding House, so thank you. This shows just how the support for the boarding community continues on no matter where you are, what you are doing or when you graduated. 

Yours in Boarding, 

Ms Maryanne O’Donoghue
Director of Boarding


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