Boarder Lines: 4 December 2020

04 December 2020

Boarder Lines: 4 December 2020

The last In Weekend of the year is always a fun occasion with the anticipation of returning home for the Boarders.  Grace Kelly, Boarding Co-Captain, hosted a ‘Pitch Perfect Riff Off’.  To be honest I was dubious, probably because I was unsure what it meant, but it was a hit!  Year groups combined to come up with songs against each other and, as expected, became quite competitive.  I don’t think anyone is able to say who won, there is lots of conjecture but it was thoroughly enjoyed.

A BBQ and pool party is always a good idea on a hot Saturday and attending Taronga Zoo on a hot Sunday may not seem like a great option, but leaving it early was definitely a very, very good alternative!  Thank you to Mr Fry and Isabella for assisting with supervision for the day as we were short staffed.
The Boarders’ Christmas Party is an event where we get to celebrate together and thank all who have been involved in the Boarding life throughout the year.  In 2020, we were more than happy to celebrate together knowing that we got through the year with lots of learning about ourselves and each other. The relationships this year have changed - they have strengthened, they have blossomed and they have matured.  Living together in lock-downs, shut-outs and shut-ins, taught us just how resilient Boarders' can be and celebrating the end of the year on a high was a milestone that will be remembered.  Phoebe and Millie were our MC's for the night and did a fantastic job ensuring that there was enough music to keep us bopping in our seats, enough time between courses and enough laughter to leave the night on a high.

Each year at the SVC Swimming Carnival we have had a Boarders' team to race against the day girls.  This race always ends up with us not winning against the fastest swimmers in the school, understandably!  However, this year has been different.  Okay, we still didn’t beat the fastest girls in the pool, but we did beat the staff.  With an amazing swim, by originally reluctant relay members, I think we may have started a new trend!  A huge thank you to Mia Cluff-Freemantle (Year 11), Sarah Fitzgerald (Year 9), Tameka McGlashan (Year 11), Chloe Mudford (Year 8), Isabella Quinn (Year 8), Rosie Secombe (Year 9), Amelia Vaughan (Year 9), and the person who overtook Mr Mark Bradley and brought home second place, was Elliane Davies (Year 8).
Thank you to all our parents and carers for your support during 2020.  All Boarders' have finished this term happy to be on holidays and going home and we are never taken aback by this, because home is where their heart is.  We enjoy waving goodbye to them at the train station or the garage or the front gates.  I know there is a lot of work to be done at home for the Boarders and they are very excited to be home doing it!  On behalf of all Boarding staff, I would like to wish you a safe and joyful Christmas break together.

A reminder that the Boarding House re-opens on Tuesday, 26 January 2021 from 4.00pm.

Yours in Boarding,

Ms Maryanne O’Donoghue
Director of Boarding

Photo: Boarders' Relay Race at the Swimming Carnival

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