Boarder Lines: 30 October 2020

30 October 2020

Boarder Lines: 30 October 2020

Quite a few years ago, the big buses picking up the girls at the end of a term used to come in near the front of the dining room.  It was amazing how they manoeuvred those huge buses.  One driver unfortunately took the little wall, at the side of the driveway, with him.  He was so upset as there was more damage to the wall than his bus.  There was always so much excitement, even though some buses arrived very early.  Seeing the girls off was always so happy for them, and they were so looking forward to being with their families for Christmas.  A few years ago, we had two sisters whose parents used to travel from Narrabri to Sydney to pick up their daughters’ luggage.  The girls still caught the bus home - as they had so much fun.  I am sure it was more who they caught the bus with!!

Well, I better return to the reason for this reminiscing!  It is that time again when we need to organise transport.  Please let your daughter know if she requires transport home or for her return to Boarding in January - we will be starting to collect all transport information from this Monday.

Boarders’ Travel Day is Friday 4 December and the return in 2021 is Australia Day, 26 January.

Thank you.

Ms Linda McCabe
Boarding Co-ordinator 

There are many hobbies throughout this pandemic that have made a comeback or have been learnt to keep our minds and hands occupied.  I know that I spent some time on cross stitch and latch hook - gotta love ‘80s craft.  The junior Boarders have joined in, and we have seen a resurgence of jigsaws and playing cards.  A huge thank you to Holly Davies for her donation of jigsaws, this will keep them occupied for a couple of weeks!
Halloween was celebrated on Tuesday night and some of our Boarders thoroughly enjoy the makeup and costumes that can be donned on this day!  Jessie Smits was our winner with her makeup that depicted a zombie….who had just enjoyed a meal……it was very Halloweeny.  Our second prize to Dakota and Molly in Year 10, as the Corpse Bride and Groom were enjoyed by many.  Thank you to Mrs Fry for her kooky judging.

Yours in Boarding,

Ms Maryanne O’Donoghue
Director of Boarding


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