Boarder Lines: 28 August 2020

28 August 2020

Boarder Lines: 28 August 2020

With the Year 12 Trial examinations finishing for both Vinnies and SCEGGS students, the Year 12's are having a well deserved weekend off.  They would like to thank the lovely and generous person (or people) who had a beautiful balloon gift delivered to the College last week for their exams.  The sentiment was perfect, as you can see in the photo, and it has been enjoyed in the corridor during this exam period.

On Monday, Mrs Fry and I joined the Boarder Parents’ Association for an online meeting.  Another meeting will be held soon with all Boarder parents who would like to join in.  Details will follow soon which will include the date and the Zoom instructions.  As we all know, Boarding is a partnership, and we are thankful for our trusting parents/carers during this year in particular.  It is difficult that we can’t share our community spirit with you in your towns, so an online meeting will have to suffice.

This week we farewelled Anette Cooper, our Boarding coordinator for Years 7, 8 and 9.  Anette is moving back to North Queensland to support her parents at a trying time, and we wish her all the best for her future endeavours.  Thank you for your mask making, your contribution to the dress up boxes and your help in all things Boarding - good luck.


Yours in Boarding,

Ms Maryanne O'Donoghue
Director of Boarding



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