Boarder Lines: 23 October 2020

23 October 2020

Boarder Lines: 23 October 2020

The first weekend back of Term 4 was the Boarding House In-Weekend, which is often held on the first and last weekend of each term where each of the Boarders come together to settle back into the Boarding community and participate in group activities.

On the recent IN-Weekend, we came together on the Friday to start off the activities with the bi-annual 'Just Dance' competition, which is a competition between Year groups to determine who gets at the end of the year the sought-after 'Just Dance' trophy.  Earlier this year the winner was Tarli Mason and in this most recent competition the winner was Sarah Fitzgerald. 

On the Saturday whilst most girls were at sport, in-boarding activities were run which included drama games, Zumba and dance.  Once all the Boarders returned from sport at around 2:00pm, we headed to Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens.  We completed a 'Scavenger Hunt' within our assigned groups which was really enjoyable, because we were set with challenges to complete in order to win amongst the other teams.  After the 'Scavenger Hunt', we watched ‘The Last Song’ in the Hall - for some 'down time' - and it was a beautiful way to end the night. 

Dakota Macourt, Year 10 BRC member

With the HSC beginning this week, the Boarders gave full support to the Year 12's to get through their first exams.  It is important to maintain some normality during these times, and Boarders can always be relied on to keep you down to earth.  Congratulations to our new Boarding Co-Captains, Grace and Clare, on their first IN-Weekend in their new roles, which showed creativity, teamwork and fun - all important in planning boarding activities. Well done!

Yours in Boarding,

Ms Maryanne O’Donoghue
Director of Boarding

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