Boarder Lines

22 November 2021

Boarder Lines

Each year we farewell the outgoing ‘class of’ with many Boarding traditions. These have had many iterations over the years of Boarding and this year wasn’t any different. The Class of 2021 were invited back to judge the annual Boarders’ Got Talent (aka BGT) show, which they have waited five years to do!  Janda and Tahlia were our MC's for the event and kept the momentum going until the winners of Year 11 were announced. Year 11 were given the topic of Movie/TV parodyand Choreographed Dance and chose their version of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ - hence the interesting outfits in the pictures below. Year 10 deserve a special mention as they included many memories of the Year 12 group - it brought many tears to eyes - both through sadness and laughter!

This particular Year 12 group was my Year 7 group of Boarders in my first year at the College. I have many many fond memories of each and every one of them - independent of when they started Boarding. As you can imagine though, the memories of Year 7 and Year 8 always stick in your mind and are always great to reminisce on to remind you how far they have all come. From the many friendship chats, we had to have in the junior common room to their memorable act in Year 7 BGT in their tutus, to the laughing fits from all of them! They have had Boarders' come and go but have always been a close-knit group, and have learnt how best to live with each other under all circumstances. I am so proud of the strong independent women they all are and look forward to their growth in their chosen field and their future.

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