Boarder Lines

12 February 2021

Boarder Lines

In the year of Generosity of Spirit, the Boarding House has spent time thinking what this value means to them.  In the picture below you can see that the word ‘others’ is the largest word.  That is because it was the most commonly used word out of over 100 words used to describe what they believe Generosity of Spirit means to them.  ‘Others’.  This year we will spend time throughout the week and during our activity planning to reflect on how we make others feel, how we can include others and how others can make us feel.  I am excited that the Boarders have used such beautiful synonyms to describe the College Value for 2021 - now we will put it into practice.

On Sunday the Boarders had a Cake Bake Off with a cartoon theme.  We had Finding Nemo, Cookie Monster cupcakes, The Princess and the Frog, Frozen and Maleficent.  Wow, talent was definitely discovered!!!!!  A huge thank you to Hannah, for her organisation of the event and to Chef Josef and Mrs Fry, for the judging.  We definitely need to use these skills more often….

A reminder please, that all medical appointments are to go through the College Nurse at  We will do our best to organise transport to and from, but please be aware that appointments during the day are more difficult to plan, so Fiona will need to be a part of the planning of appointments. 

Yours in Boarding

Ms Maryanne O'Donoghue
Director of Boarding



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