Boarder Lines

12 March 2021

Boarder Lines


On International Women’s Day on Monday, each table during dinner time was given a book on a prominent woman in the world.  Each table was then asked to give a book review and explain why their woman was important to the world.  From Rosie’s story of Dolly Parton (in a Texan twang as well!) to Cyndell’s rendition of Maya Angelou’s life, to Grace’s explanation of who Vivienne Westwood is - there were ten stories of women who are/were strong, who pushed the boundaries and who left an everlasting impact on others lives.  This day is important for all women to realise that you don’t need to be an Anne Frank or a Coco Chanel or an Audrey Hepburn to have an impact, we need to be our best version of ourselves and be the best that we can be.

This weekend is our second 'In Weekend' of the term.  We have moved this one (which normally occurs in Week 9) because of the attendance at camps/retreats of our SVC students, tired Boarders never make for a fun weekend!  A reminder that our next In Weekend in Term 2 is in Week 7 (4-6 June). The long weekend is the weekend after (11-14 June), and we will be keeping the Boarding House open during that time because the term concludes on 18 June.

Following is a pic from Monday of the laundry from 40 Boarders.  Thought you’d appreciate how long it takes to unpack this laundry when it returns nice and clean…!

Yours in Boarding

Ms Maryanne O'Donoghue
Director of Boarding


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