Boarder Lines: 13 November 2020

13 November 2020

Boarder Lines: 13 November 2020

So far, being Boarding Co-Captain has given us both a great opportunity to expand our connections and relationships with each other and every Boarder, as well as with staff in the Boarding House.  With both of us beginning Boarding in Year 7, we have experienced the ups and downs of every year and are excited to support and guide the younger Boarders through 2021.  As well as this, we are keen to work with our Year group and the rest of the leadership team in the day school to create a stronger connection and unity between the Day and Boarding aspects of life at Vinnies. We have had the opportunity to collaborate with our BRC representatives, and start to contribute to the Boarding House and their needs and wants. Our BRC reps have been coming together each fortnight to contribute ideas and also for activities for our Boarders to do on weekends that are run by some of the BRC reps.  The BRC will be an integral part of the transition of new Boarders, and the celebration of significant Boarding events such as National Boarding Week in May, and bringing to light any events occurring in home communities which we are hoping to share with our College community.  We have Orientation coming up in a fortnight’s time, which is very exciting. We have many Boarders coming to join us for their ‘Boarding experience night’, where we hope to give them a good insight into life as a Boarder and help them feel more ready to begin Boarding in January next year.  As Boarding Co-Captains, we can’t wait for the year ahead in the Boarding House. 

Grace Kelly and Clare Lienesch
Boarding Co-Captains

Activities this week for our junior Boarders have consisted of swimming, walking, painting, dancing and creating bracelets.  It’s been very enjoyable! On Thursday night, Ebony (Year 7) and Dakota (Year 10) led our dot painting activity to celebrate NAIDOC Week.  These are now proudly displayed in front of the Boarding office for all to admire and enjoy.  Next week's activities will be more academic based with our study support staff leading sessions on literacy, numeracy and study skills.  We hope that this will prepare the Boarders for the years beyond.

With the final HSC exams this week, we said farewell to our last Year 12 Boarder, Jemma Hatton, who has been very patient waiting for her Drama exam with a gap of eight days between her final two exams!  We wish all of them the best for their future endeavours, and I look forward to celebrating with the St Vincent’s College Boarders at their graduation.

Yours in Boarding,

Ms Maryanne O’Donoghue
Director of Boarding

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